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⚔️(Adult Fantasy, Time Travel, Romance)⚔️


“After the death of her mother following a painful breakup, Phoebe Wood needs a vacation. On a hike through the picturesque fjords of Norway, a winter storm engulfs Phoebe, when awakens alone in a world very different from her own. Before her is a sprawling Viking-like city ruled by three kings. Civil war is brewing there and Phoebe needs to find a way back home fast. Will she survive long enough to make it back, or will uncontrollable circumstances force Phoebe in a new direction?”


🎨 Artwork by: Bakachan 🎨


🌳🌀🌲Portal Fantasy

⚔️❤️Enemies to Lovers

💍🤵🏻💐👰🏼Marriage of Convenience

👩Strong female lead


🐺🐻🦅Three Kings


💸Available on Amazon here as Ebook, Paperback, and Hardcover!



Book 1 (Due early 2023):


Book 2 (Due mid 2023):


Book 3 (Due late 2023):