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Title: Accolades of Wolves

Genre: Adult Historical Fantasy


-After the death of her mother following a painful breakup, Phoebe Wood needs a vacation. On a hike through the picturesque fjords of Norway, a winter storm engulfs Phoebe, and when she awakens alone in a world very different from her own.

Before her is a sprawling Viking-esque city ruled by three kings. Civil war is brewing there and Phoebe needs to find a way back home fast.

Will she survive long enough to make it back, or will uncontrollable circumstances force Phoebe in a new direction?

❀️Available on Amazon here as E-book, Paperback, and Hardcover!



Title: A Winged Embrace

Genre: Adult Contemporary Fantasy


-Emilia Bauer thought college life in Europe would be all fun and games, but when a rare meteor shower ends with lithe, boney-winged monsters emerging from tar-covered pods to wreak havoc on anything and everything in their path, Emilia and her friends run for their lives.

After rendezvousing with the military, they attempt an evacuation to Germany when they’re set upon in the narrow, winding streets of the alps.

Under the cover of a snowstorm, Emilia comes face to face with one of the creatures. Her first thought is to fight for her life, but she soon realizes nothing is as it seems and begins questioning whether leaving her friends behind was the best choice.

Are the aliens the bad guys? Or are the military personnel her friends sought refuge with the real monsters?

❀️ Available on Amazon here as E-book, Kindle Unlimited, and Paperback!


Title: Lament of the Unclaimed

Genre: Adult Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy


-Twenty-one year old Wren Harper thought she was safe hidden in her cave. After all, They seemed more interested in places like San Francisco than a small town like Cave Junction, Oregon. It had been twelve months since the powerful fae invaded, and in that time, Wren couldn’t help but notice the creatures had begun purifying the world: air was cleaner, the rivers clearer, nature was healing.

Ambushed at her childhood home as Wren struggles with her innate desire to survive, or join her parents in death, she cowers, waiting for the killing blow. Only to be spared by one of Them.

Shadowed by doubt, Wren must confront a possibility she fights to reconsider: what if some humans want the fae in control? And what if it’s the right thing to do: for the planet, and for humanity?

❀️ Available on Amazon here as Paperback! E-book coming soon~




(Due 2024)

(Due 2024)

(Due 2025)